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Accounting services

Legal Services


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Unison Ltd provides consulting and outsourcing services.

Unison unites experienced accountants, lawyers and HR experts. Each of our specialists is a real professional in his field.

Our Services


We offer accounting support services for businesses: from certain areas of accounting to full accounting support.


Registration and re-registration of any legal form of entity as well as development, evaluation and analysis of contracts or the constitutional documents.

HR Accounting

HR Accounting is an organized system of collecting, recording and summarizing of information related to the personnel of the organization and their movement as well as the registration of required documents related to this process.

Excellent qualification, solid experience and professional knowledge of our experts will help you to resolve any accounting issues, to defend your interests in business relationships with third parties, as well as to organize professional collaboration among your staff. With Unison Ltd you get a reliable partner and significantly improve efficiency of your business.

Receiving Unison consulting services you can evaluate the work of accounting, legal and personnel services of your company, find weaknesses and choose the most suitable option to optimize the work process.

Turning to our company, not only will you get a reliable partner, but also get the opportunity to go beyond consulting services. Unison Ltd can build a smart strategy and realize recommendations independently or together with your representatives in the future. To accomplish this we offer our customers a wide range of outsourcing services.

Outsourcing services offered by Unison ltd differ in their individual approach. In our work we are flexible and try to accommodate the wishes of our clients.

Consulting (consultancy) is external consultants’ help on a wide range of issues in the financial, legal, technological, technical and expert activities.

The main objective of consulting is to analyze company’s current situation and project various scenarios, justifying the use of scientific, technical, organizational and economic solutions considering the business direction and needs of the client.

Outsourcing ((outer-source-using) means using an external source/resource) is the contracting out of a business process to a third-party specializing in the field, based on the contract. Usually cooperating on the basis a long-term contract a business would contract out such functions as professional support for smooth operation of individual systems and infrastructure.

Outsourcing services provided by Unison Ltd will help you to improve efficiency of the business as well as to free human and financial resources, reduce operating costs of information systems and staff training. As a result, you transfer a part of your burdensome activity to the specialists of our company who are professionals in these areas. This allows you to direct your efforts on the development of the core business processes of your company.


  • "The right of taxpayers to avoid taxes ... using all the means permitted by law cannot be challenged by anybody".
    (John Sunderland, Judge of the Supreme Court of the United States).
  • According to paragraph 2 Article 6 of the Federal Law from 21.11.1996 № 126-FZ "On Accounting", the head of the organization can pass on a contract basis maintenance of accounting records to a specialized organization.
  • Outsourcing as a service appeared in Russia quite recently. Outsourcing means contracting out of a certain business process to a third-party. At the moment popularity of accounting outsourcing is becoming more and more popular on the Russian market.